Venezuela: Dawn of a New Era


Committee abstract:

Venezuela, a country possessing plentiful oil, has experienced problems managing the resource with which it has been so blessed.  Historically, Venezuela has experienced times of turmoil and times of peace like much that of its neighbors in South America. Throughout much of post-colonial Latin America there has been dictatorial regimes and, at the other end of the spectrum, democratic regimes. Venezuela is no exception. Since Maduro took over after Chavez’s rule since 1999, the state of the country has never been more uncertain. Right now, Venezuela is experiencing political turmoil with issues such as food shortages, mismanagement of oil wealth, oppression of the press, and lack of other political freedoms. The current regime is in a state of disarray and fracture. The world has its eyes on Venezuela. What will be the future of the country?


Crisis Director

Gabe Hinojosa



Hijaan Mitha