Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Committee abstract:

Topic A: For over ten consecutive weekends, the roads of Hong Kong have been
occupied by its fervent citizens protesting about an extradition bill, as well as
calling for detailed police brutality investigations and even freedom from the
China government. All stemming from a murder case, the situation quickly spun
itself into something much more, prompting the majority of Hong Kong’s
population to speak out. The Hong Kong protests highlight issues of colonization,
national sovereignty, law, and freedom. It is up to the SPECPOL committee to
decide the fate of Hong Kong.

Topic B: Our world looks a lot different today than it does a hundred years ago; for one,
the number of countries grew from 77 in 1900 to 195 today. This almost tripling of
countries arose primarily from decolonization, where a political reshaping caused
more than 80 former colonies to gain their independence. However, 17 territories
today still fall under the category of Non-Self-Governing territories (NSGTs),
facing financial challenges, the lack of resources, and the absence of power to
declare self-determination. This committee should devise and promote the
implementation of a plan of action for eradicating colonialism in all its
multifaceted dimensions.

Chair: Sophia She

Co-chair: AMY ZHANG