International Center for Journalists

One of the emerging populist trends in the early 21st century comes in the form of distrust in the media and accredited journalistic publications nationally and internationally: More simply put, we live in age of post-truth politics and defined by voices decrying the fake news of a dishonest media.

Nowadays, nationally and internationally journalists have had their work, characterized by its devoted, investigative nature, as well as careers and personal characters maligned by the growing distrust in the global media.

In this political climate, Vanderbilt University finds it all the more important to promote messages about the importance of journalistic courage, integrity, and truthfulness in its programs.  This year Vanderbilt Model United Nations Conference XVI will be working with the International Center for Journalists, or the ICFJ, to bring to light the harsh realities international journalists face to bring to the global public’s attention the many, often invisible, injustices carried out in the world.