Frequently Asked Questions


What is priority registration?

Schools that register in the priority registration window, from April 1st to June 1st, will have their school deposits waived.

What is the refund policy?

Schools that cancel their registration after August 15th will be returned 75% of their conference fees. Schools that cancel their registration after September 1th will be returned 50% of their conference fees. No refund will be provided for schools that cancel after September 20th. Further inquiries regarding refunds can be sent to Jason Lao.


Is attendance taken at committees?

Yes. At the beginning of each Committee session, the chair or co-chair of the committee will take attendance. We will report all attendance results to the Chief of External Affairs who will then inform the faculty advisors of any absent delegates.

Can faculty advisers attend committee sessions?

We welcome faculty advisors to attend committee sessions and watch their students debate. Faculty advisers are asked not to disrupt the committees' proceedings but should feel free to observe. Any questions or concerns that arise should be directed to the Director External Affairs, Ankit Patel, who will work with Secretariat and the chairs to ensure that committees run well.

Are pre-written resolutions allowed at VUMUN?

Pre-written resolutions are not allowed at VUMUN. We aim to foster discussion among the delegates and to promote cooperation in addressing the various topics of debate. Please note that VUMUN has a strict zero-tolerance policy with regards to plagiarism.

Are students allowed to pick their own countries?

When registering for the conference, schools have the option of requesting up to six different countries. Positions are assigned on a rolling basis, so the sooner you register, the greater likelihood of getting preferred positions.

How Can Students Contact Their Chairs Before VUMUN?

To contact the USGs of Crisis Committees or General Assemblies, see Contact. Chairs will provide contact information in their committees' background guides.


We recommend that students bring laptops to research outside of committee sessions. Each chair will have a unique laptop policy depending on the nature of the committee. Details will be provided in the committee background guides.


What should I bring to VUMUN?

  • Appropriate business attire

  • Laptop (see Laptop Policy above for more information)

  • Writing utensils 

  • Notebook

  • VUMUN XVI nametag & placard (will be distributed at Registration)

Food/ Breaks

When do students eat?

The agenda for the conference weekend shedules breaks around meal times. Delegates and faculty advisers should have plenty of time to find a place to eat lunch or dinner, and we encourage you to explore the area around Vanderbilt's campus.

Will food be provided?

No, neither meals nor meal stipends will be provided for delegates.

How do delegates spend time outside committee?

Outside of committee sessions, students are expected to continue to act as delegates of VUMUN. We also encourage students to use this opportunity to build connections with delegates from other schools and to explore Vanderbilt's beautiful campus. There will be a scheduled delegate social on Saturday evening that all delegates are expected to attend.


Where will registration, opening ceremony, and closing ceremony be held?

Registration, Opening Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony will be held in Langford Auditorium at 2209 Garland Avenue. Any questions about this should be directed to Secretary General Sarah Haney.

Where will committee sessions be held?

Committee sessions will be held in the Buttrick, Stevenson, and Featheringill buildings on Vanderbilt's campus. VUMUN staff will walk delegates to their first committee session from the opening ceremony.