Fallout: Fall of the EPA


Committee abstract:

After the shutdown of the US government in the year 2018, the EPA lost funding for environmental research and drastic climate change quickly ensued, with rising sea levels, extinction of various species of animals and plants, heavily polluted air, mutated species and diseases, drastic changes in weather…. This quickly affected other regions of the world just as much as it ruined the environment in the United States. People all around the world are now struggling to find clean, uncontaminated food; air filters and face masks; thermo-regulated clothing; etc. The year is 2100, and the committee is a group of annoyed and desperate citizens of different backgrounds who have temporarily come together and need to find a way to either confront their incompetent governments, seek a solution to the most pressing environmental issues, or fight one another for the dwindling resources in an attempt to be the last survivors….


Crisis Director

Caroline Pope



Lucas Portilho