Astroworld: Space Race

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Committee abstract:

It is 2050, and the United States has entered a new phase of empire: space colonization. American companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic have accelerated US space technology and helped establish American colonies on Mars and the Moon. Although the US Space Force has successfully defended these new settlements, China built an outpost on Mars and other countries have similar plans. Classified space weapons programs, competition in asteroid mining and other space industries, and the prospect of civil war pose major threats to American dominance of the solar system. Will the US cement itself as a superpower of both the world and the cosmos? Or will a powerful adversary, or even an unexpected upstart, become the new standard-bearer of humankind? Join the quest for galactic glory.

Crisis Director: Nikole whittle

Chair: will fritzler

Co-chair: victoria wang


Crisis Director

Nikole Whittle



Will Fritzler

(Not Pictured) Co-chair: Victoria Wang