Scientific Summit of 1918

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Committee ABSTRACT:

In the midst of the Great War, a soldier more deadly than any gunman began to take control of army bases. Colloquially called the “Soldier of Naples”, the Spanish Flu quietly took the lives of thousands of men throughout Europe and, eventually, the world. Its origin is a mystery…. thus, the Scientific Summit of 1918 is called. As a representative at this summit, you will navigate the tricky nuances of infectious disease, epidemiology, and contagion in the search for answers. What steps can be taken to suppress the epidemic? What interventions will create sustainable change that will prevent an epidemic from this scale from happening again? The Summit convenes among lingering diplomatic tensions in the aftermath of the War to End All Wars. Will these outside forces come to sabotage the great minds of the Summit, or will science prevail and save the world?


Crisis Director

Joe Miller



Sarah Green

(Not pictured) Co-chair: Anesha Nadella